Vacation Rental Guest Reviews - FlipKey Negative Review Alerts

FlipKey is focused on helping vacation rental managers collect and manage guest reviews and is constantly developing new tools to help maximize the value of this powerful social asset. Today, we are happy to announce the launch of FlipKey Alerts.

What are FlipKey Alerts?
Research shows 81% of vacation rental reviews are positive, 16% neutral and only 3% are of a negative nature.

Research Report Reviews

The fact is, consumers love the vacation rental product; however, there will always be a few voices you simply can't satisfy. In some situations these negative reviews are justified, but in most cases the second side to the story gives a more accurate picture.

With the Response feature, FlipKey allows managers to respond to all reviews and provide context or more information (such as maintenance improvements) to a guest review. Now with FlipKey Alerts, FlipKey sends an alert message as soon as a negative review is submitted to help managers efficiently respond to negative reviews.

Benefits of FlipKey Alerts:

  • Immediate email notification of negative reviews
  • Direct link to the FlipKey Response tool to allow managers to post a public response to provide more context to the guest's opinion
  • FlipKey customer service outreach within 48 hours if the review has not been responded to

Early Example of a manager response to negative review alert:
Ladybug Cabin - Carolina Mornings (Click to view)

Scrolling to the bottom of the page, we see the first review is not positive. However, the manager's response highlights Carolina Mornings commitment to quality, responsiveness to guest feedback and counter opinion. Suddenly, when put into context this first review does not seem particularly negative and provides credibility to the four subsequent positive reviews.

If you are an existing FlipKey user or are considering using FlipKey and you have any questions regarding FlipKey Alerts, feel free to call us at 877-FLIPKEY.


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  3. FlipKey Blog - Expanding the Vacation Rental Market » Blog Archive » Vacation Rental Guest Reviews - FlipKey Negative Review Alerts great article thank you.

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  7. Great research and tools from FlipKey again. Well done.

    The research (appears) to reflect the old sang, "Angry customers don't complain, they just don't come back".

  8. Thanks Flip Key for helping vacation rental managers have the tools to continue to improve our level of service to rental guest.

    Brian Brannigan
    Florida Spirit Vacation Homes

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