Fourth of July Travel Tips

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What are your plans for Independence Day? Don't have any yet? Don't worry! There's still time to figure out where you're going to go and where you are going to stay. We looked at FlipKey travel data to find the top 4th of July travel destinations, and we were surprised to learn that the best fireworks shows don't always attract the most travelers. Instead of gathering in crowded cities to participate in patriotic celebrations, 4th of July travelers want to go someplace relaxing, where they can spread out and take a break. In fact, all of our top 10 Independence Day destinations are beach towns.

Here are some tips to help you plan the best and most relaxing 4th of July weekend:

  1. Grab your beach towel and sunglasses and join the party. The beach party, that is. Our travel data shows us that the top locations for Independence Day Travel are beach locations across the country.
    Graph Top Destinations
  2. Travel with family or friends. What better way to spend this holiday than with people you love? When heading to the beach or parade, make sure you pack enough food and drinks for the beach - overpacking is not necessarily a bad thing. Remember, for each alcoholic beverage have twice as much water!
  3. Book ASAP. Most people have already booked their July 4th vacations, but don't worry: there's still time left. On we still have plenty of rentals in the top locations. Take a look at Miami Beach, where over 70% of our rentals there still have availability for last minute bookings.Graph Availability

Before you head out the door for the beach, don't forget:

  1. Always have a backup plan. The weather forecast can always change, so make sure you have a plan in case rain interrupts your day. Maybe invite the gang over for a "cook in."
  2. Call Ahead. If you are going to an out of town barbecue and are picking something up along the way, make sure you call ahead to order your dish because many shops will be too busy to take last minute orders.
  3. Don't buy fireworks from other states Most state borders search cars this weekend, so don't try to transport fireworks across state lines.

So now you may know where on the map you want to go, but you still have no clue where you are going to stay once you get there? No worries Check out FlipKey's huge selection of vacation rentals and find the perfect place for your July 4th holiday.

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  2. This holiday season I'm traveling with family to Temecula for a weekend of wine tours. I was surprised that no CA beaches were mentioned in your graphic... I know we'll be making a trip down the coast too. Great tips, thank you!

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