What dessert is your state famous for?

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From cookies and chocolates to fruit based tarts and pies, you’re sure to find something to satisfy any craving in every state in the country.

Alabama – Buttermilk pie

A southern classic, nothing beats buttermilk pie with a tart taste, custard filling.

Alaska – Baked Alaska


This dessert is usually composed of a sponge cake with an ice cream filling, baked into a meringue shell.

Arizona – Dates

These fruits are nature’s candy, and can be used to make some decadent treats, like the date bars pictured below.

Arkansas – Possum Pie


This treat is a delicious blend of cream cheeses, pecans, and chocolate custards.

California – Citrus Cakes

One of the most decadent desserts from California, citrus cakes are full of fruit flavors available to California year round. The photos features the Food Network’s take on an Orange Cake.

Colorado – Peaches


Colorado is known for its sweet, juicy peaches in late summer, and they even have a festival to celebrate! A peach based dessert is irresistible during this time of year. Peach cobbler, peaches and cream pie, grilled peaches, you name it!

Connecticut – Old Hartford Election Cake

Old Hartford Election cake is a classic. Made with fruit and currants, this cake’s story dates back to the 1700s, when folks would travel to Hartford on voting day.

Delaware – Strawberries

Strawberries are the official state fruit of Delaware, making strawberry shortcake a staple for this state.

Florida – Key Lime Pie

A trip to Florida wouldn’t be complete without a slice of their famous Key Lime Pie. Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe is said to be the best, so be sure to stop in if you ever find yourself in the Keys·

Georgia – Georgia Peach Pie

A state known for its peaches, it’s only natural that Georgia Peach Pie be the best dessert for this southern state.

Hawaii – Pineapple Hawaiian Dream Cake


Known for its pineapples and macadamia nuts, these are the two favorite ingredients for Hawaiian dessert. Featured below is an example of a Pineapple Hawaiian Dream cake.

Idaho – Cake Baller’s

Cake Baller’s are the staple dessert in Idaho. These bite sized cakes can be covered in any color to fit any theme, and often use the state’s huckleberry fruit for flavor.

Illinois – Ice Cream Sundae


Famous for… the Ice cream sundae! They claim to have created this classic treat, so be sure to indulge in their honor!

Indiana – Hoosier Pie

Hoosier Pie is an iconic Indiana dessert. Made with sugar, butter, and cream, it’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Iowa – Blarney Stones

Blarney Stones are exclusive to Iowa. These treats consist of squared yellow cake covered in buttercream frosting, with a coat of salted Spanish peanut. For the best, visit Sweetheart Bakery in Clinton.

Kansas – Peppernuts


Peppernuts are famous to Kansas, but have a German background.

Kentucky – Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake


Bourbon is famous to Kentucky, with its tastes transcending into the final course. The most notable is Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake, a treat infused with brown sugar, maple, chocolate and walnuts.

Louisiana – The King Cake


A ring of cinnamon dough topped with the colors of Mardi Gras. Tradition has it that whoever finds the plastic baby hidden in the case must provide the next one.

Maine – Whoopie Pies


A classic treat so delicious, it’s been formally recognized as the state dessert.

Maryland – Smith Island Cake

Smith Island Cake is state dessert of Maryland.

Massachusetts – Boston Cream Pie


Boston cream pie is most famous to FlipKey’s home! This pie is actually a cake, with cream in between two layers of sponge cake, topped with a chocolate ganache.

Michigan – Cherry Pie

This state is famous for its cherries, with the most famous cherry based dessert being cherry pie!

Minnesota – Dessert Bars

This state is famous for its love of dessert bars – fruit, nut, chocolate, whatever!

Mississippi – Mud Pie


Mississippi Mud Pie, the chocolate lover’s dream.

Missouri – Butter Cake

Butter Cake is a signature to this midwestern state. Legend has it that this gooey treat was created by mistake, when a local baker used the wrong proportion of ingredients for a coffee cake recipe.

Montana – Huckleberry Fudge


The berry is most famous to this state, and is used to make pies and most fantastic fudges.Montana Chocolate Company‘s wild huckleberry swoon fudge is a favorite among the locals.

Nebraska – Kolache


These fruit filled pastries are made of yeasted dough. The tradition date back to the late 1930s with the annual Kolache Days Festival in Verdigre.

Nevada – Basque Cake

An almond cake baked with a vanilla cream filling.

New Hampshire – Pumpkin Pie

With pumpkin being the official fruit of New Hampshire, it should be no surprise that pumpkin pie is its most famous dessert.

New Jersey – Blueberry Pie

The Garden State blueberry popularity is so high that they were made the state fruit in 2004.

New Mexico – Biscochito

The biscochito, is not only the state cookie, but also the most popular dessert in New Mexico. The cinnamon flavored cookie is traditionally make with brandy and lard, and can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert.

New York – Cannoli

New York is full of variety, especially when it comes to food, but the most notable dessert has to be the cannoli! While nothing tops the traditional ricotta-cream filled pastry, there are several flavors to try.

North Carolina – Sweet Potato Pie

This savory treat is home to North Carolina, with the largest number of sweet potatoes grown in the country.

North Dakota – Berlinerkranser


A favorite during the holiday season, this cookie is traditionally tied into knots, and rich in butter flavor.

Ohio – Buckeyes


Named after its resemblance to the nut of the Ohio Buckeye tree, this candy is an Ohio staple. A peanut butter mixture dipped in chocolate, it’s very easy to make these treats at home!

Oklahoma – Fried Pecan Pie

Pecan pies are a favorite in Oklahoma, with fried pecan pie being the favorite.

Oregon – Marionberry Pie


Blackberries are abundant in Oregon, and are used to make pies, jams, cobblers, etc.

Pennsylvania – Shoo-fly Pie


Shoo-fly pie; or the wet bottom pie due to it’s gooey bottom. Molasses and brown sugar are the two main ingredients in this hearty dessert.

Rhode Island – Doughboys

Doughboys (malasadas, as I know them) are one of my personal favorites. Simple, fried dough topped with powdered sugar are classic in Rhode Island, and can be found at almost any fair, carnival, or local bakery.

South Carolina – Benne Wafers

These cookies are a thin, crispy, sesame seed-based cookie. The Olde Colony Bakery in Charleston, home of the origina Benne Wafers, has been serving up this savory treat for over 100 years.

South Dakota – Kuchen

The official dessert of South Dakota. This cake is of German heritage, and is made with sweetened yeast dough and a custard/fruit filling.

Tennessee – Mountain Stack Cake


This cake is made up of several thin layers of cake separated by a spiced apple filling. Legend says it originated as a wedding cake, with guests each bringing cake layer for the bride.

Texas – Strudels

Strudels of all flavors and varieties. This famous pastry is significant to the state of Texas, with some bakeries sticking to recipes from the turn of the previous century.

Utah – Scones

In Utah, scones can resemble something close to fried dough, topped with something sweet like jam.

Vermont – Apple Pie

apple pie

A New England favorite, and the official fruit of Vermont, make apple pie tasting a must when visiting Vermont. A close second is the Ben & Jerry factory, where you can test out new flavors and visit the Flavor Graveyard for those beloved that have since been retired.

Virginia – Peanuts

Peanuts are a staple to Virginia, and they’ve mastered the magic of mixing them with chocolate. One of the most successful renditions of this combo can be found at Bakeshop in Arlington, serving cupcakes, cream pies, and other treats of this variety.

Washington – Raspberries

Raspberry pies and tarts! Washington produces the most raspberries in the US, resulting in the most delectable fruit based treats.

Washington, DC – Georgetown Cupcakes


Georgetown cupcakes are home to DC, with the red velvet cupcake being its best seller! The iconic brand has become so popular its opened locations in Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

West Virginia – Molasses Cookies

Sugar, ginger, and molasses cookies are signature to West Virginia. Molasses cookies are so popular they’ve been formally recognized as the state’s favorite.

Wisconsin – Cream Puffs

cream puff

The Original Cream Puff is the most popular item at the Wisconsin State Fair, being served since 1924.

Wyoming – Truffles

Whether chocolate, fruit, or whisky flavored, Wyoming’s most famous dessert is the truffle. Meeteetse Chocolatier, based in the small town of Meeteetse, creates unique flavors including Prickly Pear Cactus, Sarsaparilla, IPA and Focaccia.