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We are a small company and plan to stay that way forever; Bermuda is our only destination because it is our area of expertise.

The owner of Bermuda Accommodations Inc., Fiona Campbell, grew up in Bermuda and has family on the island as well as a host of friends and relatives. Since 1991, we estimate that we have sent well over 100,000 visitors to Bermuda to stay primarily in private studios, apartments, and homes.

Kitchen access is a big part of our business: people with enormous culinary skills, food allergies, very small children or modest budgets appreciate the option of eating in. Most of our cottages, villas and apartments contain cooking facilities. Many have barbecues, access to laundry machines for stays of more than a week, and most contain private bathrooms, and all equipment that you would expect in a home away from home (telephone, iron, internet, TV).

We have expanded in recent years to encompass hotels as well, because sometimes you just have to have that extra level of personal pampering!

We answer the phone 7 days a week, every week of the year, and don’t make you navigate impenetrable websites or endless forms. You can call us and we will take care of you on the spot. We have answered our most frequently asked questions here: have a look and let us know if you need further answers.

Please come and visit our lovely island soon!

Fiona, Mary, Elissa, Ashley, Danita, Ian, and Ken are here to assist you.


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