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Choose a Paris vacation rental from over 100 high quality apartments situated in all of the popular locations. These vacation accommodations are on both the Right and Left Banks and are ideal for holidays in France.

Our Paris flats are specially furnished for vacation or holiday rentals. Many of the vacation apartments have unique features- one apartment has a private outdoor garden patio and another flat has a roof top terrace from which you can view much of Paris. Each apartment is privately owned and reflects the taste of the owner. Vacation rentals have a minimum of three nights.

Unlike other rental services, when you book a Paris flat with us there is no need to start your vacation by a trek to an office in France to obtain the apartment keys and then go to the apartment. And it is usually unnecessary to set an appointment to be met at the flat. Your Paris vacation starts as soon as you arrive! We've eliminated all these unnecessary hassles for most rentals by supplying the apartment keys and arrival information before you travel to France- we ship worldwide. Then when you get to Paris, follow our directions and go directly to the rental apartment. Of course, we do have a management team in Paris if needed.

Select a studio apartment, one bedroom, or two bedroom Paris rental- our accommodations range from standard quality to luxury. All flats have a kitchen area, private bathroom, cable or satellite TV, telephone for unlimited local calls and unlimited incoming calls worldwide. Some apartments have air conditioning.

Whether this is your first trip to Paris or if you travel here often, once you have experienced a Paris apartment vacation rental holiday, you'll never be satisfied with just a Paris hotel.

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