Crabbing on the Puget Sound in Seattle. - Darrell Kirk

Darrell K.

"We are very fortunate to live just minutes from the Puget Sound and have created a lifestyle around it. We love Salmon fishing, Crabbing, and watching all the wildlife in and around the area." "We have also taken up the sport of "Stand Up Paddling", a new type of Surfing where you stand up on the surfboard and paddle. They just opened a "Stand Up Paddle" shop about 3 minute drive from our home, so guests to our home have had the opportunity to try this new sport. Some of the pro riders in the area watch the ship and freighter schedules closely so they can surf the wake these huge ships produce as they ply their way from all parts of the world into Seattle" "We never get tired of the "Ballard Locks" which is about a 3 minute drive from our home. In addition to the 2 locks, there are large, wonderful gardens there. In the Summer you can hear a variety of bands in the "Summer Concerts at the Locks". Watching the large and small boats go through the locks is amazing and I have had the opportunity to see an entire house go through on a barge. They tilted the house via ballast in the barge to tilt the entire vessel. On another note, I would have loved to have seen the large "Sturgeon" fish my wife saw in the locks swimming with hundreds of Salmon. The Whales have also come closer to the area and I saw 3 large pods of Killer Whales just off the shore about 20 minutes north of our home. Back to the Ballard Locks, there was a large whale spotted just near the locks feeding on Salmon just a few months ago." "We are jaded living here for almost 10 years now and forget how beautiful a place this is until we talk with guests who visit. It is just wonderful reliving our first times here through the eyes and stories of our guests.


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