Giovanni e Diana - Giovanni and Diana Coda Nunziante

Giovanni and Diana Coda Nunziante

The Castle of Montalto has long been family owned, first by the Berardenga family, then by the Palmieri, and finally by ourselves, Giovanni and Diana Coda-Nunziante, who acquired it from cousins in 1970.

Giovanni is Italian, Diana is American; we both speak fluent Italian and English, fairly fluent French, some German and a very little Spanish.
We are assisted by Chiara, a knowledgeable, generous and enthusiastic young woman who will look after all your needs as a part-time concierge.

We live here all year round, with more space than we need, space that we are happy to share with our guests. We enjoy the opportunity to invite them into our home, to show our collection of ancient weapons and to repeat the history and legends of the castle.


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