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Having travelled and worked all around the world, my wife and I now live and work London. She runs her own weight management and lifestyle consultancy, while I run our international property rental and management company. Building our Villa Tera Mare in the picturesque fishing village of Kalkan, Turkey and renovating Moulin de Marrast (watermill built in 1792) in Gascogne France was the result of our love affair with the place and people; which we like to share with our special guests who share simillar passions. Both places, Kalkan and Gascogne allow us to share our interests in sailing, swimming, kayaking, horse riding, cycling, trekking, gastronomy, yoga and fishing. You can visit our Facebook Club group page as well as TeraMare web site for more photos and information.
Gascogne in SW France is simply a passionate love affair - aside from the natural beauty and gastronomical delights, the people are a treasure to behold. If you want to experience utter peace, quiet, space and hear the breath of nature then you must visit Moulin de Marras, 39 acres of landscaped grounds, meadow and Woodland nestled among fruit trees and ancient oaks with 1km of A-class l'Adour River. Our facilities provide for natural and heated swimming pool, complimentary Kayaking on our river, fishing and cycling - equipment provided.

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