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This is my family home and the photo is my Mom and Dad celebrating their 50th anniversary, June '08. OK aren't they cute! The house has so many great memories. About me, well I'm an animal lover, I have two dogs Paw's and Teya they are a mix of wheaten and lab - cute as buttons. I also am the proud owner - (you have to have a sense of humor) of two great kids - for sale real cheap, no really they are great! We enjoy camping, the beach which is a short walk, jet skiing, and just about any out-door activity.

From the house I like to walk to the beach and when I am feeling adventurous, or otherwise athletic I also walk to the Dana Point Harbor. San Clemente Pier is close as well as San Juan Capistrano which has the beautiful historic Mission and the train depot. All the grocery stores are close including Trader Joe's. Also we have a lot of toys- IE, scooters, jet skis, bikes if you are interested we can work something out, and an RV which sleeps 4 comfortably so if you wanted to camp near by we can help you with that too.


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