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Tiverton House, LLC (JamaicaEscapes.com) specializes in Private Jamaica Villa Vacation Rentals that are off the beaten track. We offer a fine collection of affordable to luxury private villas and inns from Treasure Beach on Jamaica’s secluded South Coast to Montego Bay, Trelawny, Runaway Bay and Port Antoino on the Jamaican North Coast.

An important part of Tiverton House, LLC’s Jamaican vacation villa experience is the superb service provided by each villas staff. Most of our villas and inns are beachfront and lodging may include a private pool and have ocean views of the Caribbean Sea. Deep sea fishing and snorkeling are readily available from all of our properties. Our vacation villas are located in the perfect Caribbean setting providing you with tranquility, privacy, rest and relaxation.

Many of JamaicaEscapes.com’s private villas and inns welcome children of all ages. These child friendly properties can provide Jamaican nannies, as well as host family reunions and weddings. JamaicaEscapes.com vacation rentals also offer romantic accommodations for an intimate honeymoon at a cottage or villa.

We pride ourselves on handpicking our Jamaica villas -- offering vacations with something for everyone’s budget. We having direct contact with owners and staff to making sure our guest’s special needs are meet.

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