David & Glynis W.

We have been married for over 34 years and have two wonderful daughters who married lovely Kiwi men, and 2 beautiful grandchildren. After working for some years at The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand as a tutor in basic education and work skills, Glynis ran a successful B&B & holiday apartment studio in Lower Hutt when our daughters left home. Dave works in IT. We moved to NZ from UK in 2003 with the view to 'giving it a go' for 2 years!
We purchased Elderslea Manor in December 2011 and spent 18 months doing renovations - things always take longer than you plan especially when building/renovating. The gardens are an on-going project. We plan that this is to be our long term home as we have put so much hard work and money into restoring it to its former glory and really love living here. We hope you enjoy visiting us and experiencing the 'olde worlde charm' of this beautiful, character house.
We have based our B&B suite and self-catering suite on our previous venture at Edge House Lower Hutt, and our own experiences when travelling and have provided what we feel suits most people's requirements when they are travelling or staying away from home. 'Privacy but availability' is the key as not everyone wants to sit and chat over breakfast for hours, but have come away for some peace and quiet and to be alone/together.
We look forward to welcoming you to our home and enjoy the facilities we have on offer


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