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Marilyn Proctor, a name synonymous with vacation rentals in Santa Fe is the Pioneer of the industry. She comes with over 30 years of Santa Fe real estate broker experience in a business that specializes in customer service and has a proven reputation of finding the perfect guest for you home. There is no one in the Santa Fe real estate market with better experience than Ms. Proctor; she continues to be the leader serving the Santa Fe guests looking to "live like a local." She has a name you can trust and a reputation that is well known in the Santa Fe market. Ms. Proctor serves as an Ambassador to our historic community and can offer her expertise to find the right guest for your home. As a long time Santa Fean, Marilyn offers her intimate knowledge of Santa Fe and personally helps with the choosing of the perfect Santa Fe vacation rental for our guests. As an owner, you can rest assured that Marilyn will match your home to the family best suited for your particular property.

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