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SANDBRIDGE BLUE, your source for Virginia Beach vacation rentals. Premiere Virginia Beach, VA vacation rental homes in the Sandbridge area are here! Choose from our variety of homes impeccably prepared for your arrival.

Sandbridge Blue prides itself in making it easy to book and enjoy your Family Beach Vacation.

Pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE* meaning no cleaning fees, handling fees, security deposits, damage waivers and the like. *You pay our online advertised rate + tax when paying by e-check.

Linens are included at no extra charge! We make the bed prior to your arrival, and provide one towel and one washcloth per advertised occupant.

You also get a starter pack of supplies for your vacation - 1 roll of paper towels, 1 roll of toilet paper in every bathroom, and a few kitchen necessities.

Sandbridge Blue homes also have keyless entry. No more racing to get to our check-in office to pick up keys. Simply enjoy your Virginia Beach Vacation Rental home as soon as you arrive!

You're going to love Vacations Made Easy with Sandbridge Blue.

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