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We have been visiting Aruba, the most revisited island in the Caribbean for nearly a decade. It's the beauty, safety and friendliness of this antilles paradise that sparked our interest in investing there... (and oh yeah, it's out of the hurricane belt). We're from Pennsylvania, but have been renting property in Aruba for over 8 years and continue to grow our portfolio of rentals homes because we love the business of "vacations". Through this listing and listings on HomeAway.com, VRBO.com and GreatRentals.com, in addition to our own websites, GreatArubaRentals.com and GreatArubaVacationHomes.com we have made the process of renting as easy as possible for our guests, who we know are just looking for an affordable vacation in a great location without a lot of aggravation. The rates you see are the rates you pay. We don't tack on added taxes, cleaning fees or utility surcharges - something you need to watch out for. We try to keep it simple, and our success shows in our reviews. The reviews that have been been made by past guests of our properties reflect their experience with us, with their stay at our property and with Aruba. They are listed not only on our website but on public rental websites and they speak for themselves. In fact, we have the most total number of reviews in Aruba on HomeAway.com and VRBO.com, the world's largest rental websites, than any other rental on the island. We're relatively new to this site, so we don't have the highest number of reviews, but we do have nothing but great reviews. We encourage you to check us out at the website link listed below or learn more about us on our Linked-In page (because you should know who you are renting from) or shoot us an e-mail and ask away. We'd be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about traveling to Aruba or about our properties. I think you will find our properties to be the best value around. That is why we use the word GUARANTEE! Well, life is short so be sure to use one week of it in Aruba. Happy Travels!

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