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at the Dixie Stampede - Pat and Heather Monaco
at the Dixie Stampede - Pat and Heather Monaco
at the Dixie Stampede - Pat and Heather Monaco

Pat and Heather M.

Patrick and Heather have been married 27 years with 2 grown children and an 11 year old. We began with renting out shared property back in 2000 when our surprise blessing was born. We sold our pop up trailer because Heather refused to travel in a trailer with a newborn. We bought our first condo, the 3 BR in 2003 and another after that and then decided to build a few cabins in Tennessee which is almost a second home to us. Currently we rent out 3 Condos in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and 3 Cabins in Sevierville, Tennessee. We have owned In addition to these, we have access to 50 or so shared resort properties. We enjoy sharing what God has given us with families like yours. We would love to hear about your stay so we hope that our guests will write in our guest book. Feel free to ask any questions! Looking forward to working with you and sharing our gifts! Gods Blessings to you and your families!


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