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Sandy Beach Rentals is a small family owned and operated company that has been accommodating guests since 1997. We are proud to say that we are listed with the San Diego Better Business Bureau .We are also listed with the San Diego Convientioners Bureau as "Affordable Beach Rentals." We take pride in our guests comfort and our vacation homes hoping to provide you with a positive experience and a long-lasting memory of your vacation here in our beautiful San Diego Area. Our accommodations range from quaint beach bungalow cottages to Luxury condominiums all located on our within steps to the Beach or Bay area!

We specialize in vacation rentals and during our Sept to May season we offer a 3 night minimum, weekly reservation or Monthly visit. We require a Sat to Sat reservation in the summer months with a 7 day minimum. All rates vary according to the individual home, location, number of guests it will accommodate, time of the year you are traveling, and the amenities that the vacation home provides. We have a wonderful cleaning staff and guarantee that the home will be in the best order when you arrive or we will send our crew right back over to take care of any descrepancies.

Some of our homes offer extra amenites like bikes, boogie boards, and beach chairs. All of our homes are outfitted with linens and towels, full kitchens and at least 1 parking space for your car. Because we offer some of the little extras, we do require you to complete a short inventory upon your arrival and phone in your findings to our office. This helps us to provide the added amenties and to keep track of the responsible party if there are any descrepancies.

All of our homes require a 11.05% Transient Occupancy & TMD Tax in addition to the quoted rental rates for all reservations under 30 days. We do accept Visa or Master Card for the refundable deposit on our telephone reservations. We require a short-term rental agreement to be completed for your protection as well as the home. We then require 1/3rd payment to be paid by check and the balance to be paid 60 days prior to your arrival. If you wish to place all of the rental on your credit card we offer an on-line reservation system that will charge the entire amount at the time of your on-line reservation.

Please feel free to phone us if you have any questions regarding our homes, policies, or just general information on the local area! We can also help stock your vacation home with grocery items, arrange a visit from one of our local chefs to prepare a fabulous meal and the added bonus of a cooking class, recommend a great Massage or yoga class, help you reserve a Sport-fishing trip for local Albacore Tuna, Sea Bass, and Yellow Tail (seasonal) or Whale watching! Rates vary depending on your specific requests.

We look forward to accommodating you and your family and hope to meet you during your visit!
Gene and Daphinne Accomazzo
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