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We were working & living just outside London before taking the decision to leave our careers take the plunge & move here to Normandy, we had no plans to start vacation rentals...it just sort of happened!

Almost 13 years later we are thoroughly enjoying running our business,we are passionate about this hidden area of France and offer more than just a vacation rental, we are more than happy to share with you where to go, what to see, how to get there, reserve hire cars - we have devised a WW2 tour which we will give you at no charge.

We have 4 rental vacation properties, our beach house on Utah Beach which is 10 minutes away from where we are based, has 4,bedrooms & 3 bathrooms with sea views and direct access onto the WW2 Invasion Beach Utah Beach Normandy, in the village of Sainte Marie du Mont the 1st village liberated (Band of Brothers) right opposite the church we have a lovely 2 bedroom stone town house... then, here where we live we have our 2 couples only units on our little 'farm' where we have 4 dogs, 8 cats, (all rescues), 2 Llamas, 3 Alpacas, 2 sheep, 2 goats, a kune kune pig, chickens & our old faithful goose now 10 years old...

We give great value, secure parking as many DVD's as you want, TV, dogs to play with, books to read and we can give masses of tips re the area...as I say we're not just a rental!


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