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Located 45 miles south of Charleston, Edisto Beach is one of the few beaches on the South Carolina coast that has escaped commercialization. As you follow scenic Hwy. 174 to Edisto Island, live oaks draped with spanish moss seem to create a tunnel over the road making first time visitors curious to see what awaits them. For return visitors, this moss draped road is where they begin to feel at home again.

Edisto has always been a family beach, where memories are made and childhoods are reborn. Generations of families have made Edisto their home away from home. The unique style of the island is apparent in its beauty and history offering wildlife, beautiful live oaks, sun, sand, water, plantations and farms. Edisto is surrounded by marsh, rivers and sea offering beautiful views no matter where you choose to be. The island’s charm and flavor is perfect for unwinding and reconnecting with your family and friends.

On Edisto we have no red lights or hotels. It’s a laid back and secluded beach for a quiet family vacation or a little time for yourself. It’s a place that will truly capture your heart on the first visit. Let Edisto take you back to memories past or create them anew and join us for a vacation that will linger in your mind forever. Atwood Vacations can have you on “Island Time” before you know it.
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Remax Lowcountry Real Estate - the tradition of The Atwood Agency continues to serve Edisto Island with the national name recognition and support Remax provides. Our professional sales agents are capable of servicing all of your real estate needs. Edisto has been a tradition for many of us for decades. Even if it is your time to retire your property, the memories that families have nurtured over the years continue on as new families begin their tradition. If you are considering selling your property on Edisto, buying a property to start a new tradition, our real estate professionals are here to serve you.

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