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We have been coming to Puerto Escondido for 26 years for surfing and enjoying the local lifestyle.
When we began visiting Puerto Escondido, it was a fairly unknown fishing town and the people who were making the trip, were mainly surfers. Our first trip, we arrived at midnight into Puerto on a rickety bus from Acapulco with a picture of the Virgin Guadalupe on the grill. At that time we had been surfing around the world, and had heard about Zicatela Beach a.k.a. Mexican Pipeline. We came to see if what we've heard about was true. In the morning we stumbled from our bus station $50 pesos a night hotel down the hill and onto the view of a lifetime. The beach traveled down to La Punta head land and glassy peeling waves were as far as you could see. Waves lined the coast accompanied by the cooling sea breeze. That was how our mutual love affair with Puerto Escondido began.
Over the years, although Puerto has changed, it is for the better. Locals have created buisness' catering to tourists, there are good medical facilities and schools, and getting here is much easier. Puerto is attracting tourists from every walk of life and around the world.
We love what we're doing here in Puerto, still surfing and loving life. This town has become very cosmopolitan with great things to do and its still retains a certain flavor that people seem to love. Our joy is being part of this great beach community, and putting efforts into making it even better. We have been helping young smart local girls to go to University (a percentage of our business pays all their tuition) we usualy start talking to them at the young age of 11 to get them on track. So far we have been very succesful and share in the pride that beams from them and their families.
I know you will fall in love with Puerto Escondido the way we have. It really has become our "home away from home". My daughter went to school here and learned to ride a horse like a true mexican cowboy. I have bungled my way through the language and still do learning more and more as i go. When our time comes each year to make the trip I know there will be nothing but great times, sweet friends, family get togethers and wonderful memories with my husband (when I can get him out of the surf.)
Saludos and Gracias, Maxine and Tim O'Brien


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