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Q1 Holidays Gold Coast is a managing venture; which handles holiday apartments exclusively in the iconic australian building Q1 Resort. As a Owner and Resident of Q1 Resort we take full advantage of this fantastic lifestyle; beautiful well maintained facilities and just few meters away from an uncrowded beach. The Q1 Vertical Village has its own sense of community, owners and residents alike gather together on a regular basis engaging and promoting social activities, such as a functional Library and for the party goers there are also free "salsa" classes to attend, open to everybody fit enough to take the physical challenge. I forgot to mention that salsa is not intended as per "Tomato Salsa" so for the ladies: no cooking!! Salsa is to interpreted as per one of the most stimulating Southern American dancing styles. We do enjoy living in Surfers Paradise and proud to be in Q1 Resort.
We take pleasure in providing our guests with outstanding luxury apartments and breathtaking views over the surf in the Pacific Ocean at a down to earth price. Sharing amazing vibes with most of our guests which by the time they leave it feels like they did not just stayed here, but belong; the magnetism of Q1 Resort bounds people together. Customer Service is our main focus; Q1 Holidays Gold Coast guarantees its guests the maximum hospitality and dedication. The intimate and modern ambiance of this iconic building in the heart of Surfers Paradise will win you over with the magic of the surrounding areas. Appreciate the benefits of great comfort and efficient and available staff and make your stay with us a truly treasured experience!


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