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Book any of our Cape Cod Rentals and enjoy this magnificent slice of paradise on the coast of Southern Massachusetts. The area is blessed with beautiful ocean beaches, crystal clear lakes, and fantastic golf courses. The perfect spot for booking one of our Cape Cod vacation rentals.

Whether you choose a beach bungalow, wooded retreat or a condo on a Cape Cod Golf Course, any of our Cape Cod vacation rentals should be a pleasant experience. Summer rentals are a time enjoyed by families and friends. How often does one close their eyes and think of work, or errands? On that cold winter day, your mind will wander to special times spent on the beach, basking in the warm glow of the sun by the pool, or working on your golf game. We hold on to special vacation moments. Where you go and which place you choose is important. Any of our Cape Cod Rentals will make your vacation special. If you are coming here to play golf don't forget to ask about our golf properties at Ocean Edge.

This beautiful area has been a travel destination for many years and by countless cultures starting in 1000AD with the Vikings. The first European visitors arrived in 1602. An explorer by the name of Bartholomew Gosnold, seeing the place surrounded by rich waters filled with Cod gave the place its name Cape Cod. The Puritans landed on the tip of the Cape in a place called Provincetown a month before continuing on to Plymouth. During that time spent here on old Cape Cod, they signed that most famous document called the Mayflower compact which would later become the governmental foundation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Leighton Rentals offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and appreciation for our valued guests. Our friendly and professional agents can help you find the perfect rental from our list of Cape Cod rentals. We understand how important family memories are and we will work hard to find the ideal unit of our Cape Cod vacation rentals for you. Keep in mind that we also offer winter rentals and year round rentals.

If you're interested in buying or selling Cape Cod properties, talk to our real estate sales department. We successfully helped our clients buy and sell their Cape Cod homes since 2003.

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