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BUENOS AIRES HOUSING specializes in Buenos Aires furnished apartment rentals.

Our main goal is to provide the best customer service to really make you feel at home, helping since the beginning to find the most suitable accommodations and offering permanent assistant during your stay in Buenos Aires, with suggestions of things to do, restaurants reservations, tours, etc.

We provide you with the easiest and fastest solution to your short or long term housing needs. Whether you are looking for temporary housing or a furnished apartment for an extended stay in Buenos Aires, we have included photos, prices, locations and detailed information to help you find the perfect place for your stay in Buenos Aires.
Every apartment included in our website has been pre-viewed and selected to provide you with high standard options.

Our apartments are located in the best and safest locations: Recoleta, Palermo, Las Cañitas, Plaza San Martin , Puerto Madero, and San Telmo, the most requested neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. They are surrounded by restaurants, cafes, elegant shops, museums and parks.

Buenos Aires Housing apartments are ideal for holiday and business travelers and all of our properties are gay friendly. Our properties are an alternative for those looking for a high class of accommodations.

Choosing an apartment over the regular hotel room makes great sense and gives you the chance to live like a native "porteño" during your stay in the vibrant Buenos Aires. More and more travellers are choosing an apartment rather than the usual cramped and expensive Buenos Aires hotel rooms.
We offer you a much more comfortable experience for 50% than Buenos Aires hotels of equivalent standard.

So if you are coming to Buenos Aires for your next vacations choose an apartment and base yourself right in the heart of the one of the world's most exciting cities.

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