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Koko Resorts is a local family owned company founded on the conviction that there is no substitute for great customer service! We go out of our way to satisfy each owner and guest as this is how we expect to be treated. Service is our passion and our commitment to our owners and guest!

Our philosophy is that our property owners are our business partners! Working together we mutually benefit as your success defines ours. The only truly successful partnerships are those where all parties mutually benefit. We continually strive to earn your trust and confidence because without it we cannot succeed.
Enjoy Your Property!

Koko Resorts is different than most management companies as we actually encourage owners to use their own vacation properties as often as possible! We are owners ourselves and appreciate that many vacation rental owners purchased their properties as second homes with the desire to enjoy them. Our owner friendly management contracts allow for unlimited use by owners including family and friends!
Valued Guests

Our goal is to help guests achieve the Hawaiian vacation of their dreams. By providing guests with outstanding service and tremendous value, Koko Resorts has gained a loyal following of repeat guests and significant referrals. A very popular and fairly unique service offered by Koko Resorts is the ability guests have to take control of their own vacations and choose the actual unit they desire.
English & Japanese

Koko Resorts caters to both English and Japanese speaking clients. Our staff consists of native speakers of both languages to meet each client's unique needs. We believe that achieving a balanced owner and guest base is crucial to economic stability and continued growth.
We are Expanding!

Koko Resorts is growing and we invite you to experience our spirit of service by partnering with Koko Resorts as you management team. We will work very hard to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Mahalo for considering Koko Resorts

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