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I am the owner of Villa Sungai Bali and its little sister the 'Owners' Villa SUNGAI GOLD (2 guest rooms). Booked in conjunction they offer up to 6 guest suites. I handle the majority of enquiries via the internet and phone but work with some premium travel agents globally. I prefer to deal direct with my guests and usually take over from agents early in the process as I am so intimate with what the villa experienxce is and just what we look to offer our guests. I look after all guest enquiries and bookings and hand them over to the villa manager MADE when he collects them at the airport. I live in Australia but am contactable 24/7 if MADE has any queries that he cannot deal with. I visit the property 4 times a year to work with the team of 13 staff plus spa therapists and at this time we introduce new products, decide on upgrades/maintenance and look at new menus and bar lists. I handle as many of these things as possible as the staff are totally involved with their guests day to day.


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