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With almost 200 well located apartments in Florence - including Piazza Santa Croce, Oltrarno, Duomo and Santo Spirito areas, we take premium residential apartments, add our signature furnishings and services and offer these for short, medium or long term stays to suit our guests' needs.

We are committed to maximising our guests' enjoyment, ensuring they have a pleasant and comfortable stay in the heart of beautiful FLORENCE.

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June 2011

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Firenze, Italy

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+39 55 247 9309

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  • Where do I get my Codice Fiscale?

  • Is it possible to view an apartment prior to selecting it?

  • After booking an apartment if I need to cancel my reservation will I lose my down payment/ deposit?

  • If I need to terminate my contract/lease early, how much notice is required to avoid penalties?

  • Are the listed rental prices negotiable or final? Is it possible to get a discount?

  • Are bills included in my rental? Why do the daily prices differ?

  • How much will I spend of utilities during my stay then?

  • Will I be charged any additional costs apart from the rent?

  • If something in the apartment breaks during my stay, due to my fault, then what happens?

  • When I arrive how and where can I collect my keys?

  • Can we check in/out early in the morning or late in the night?

  • Can you provide any documentation that I can use for my VISA?

  • What type of facilities can we expect to find in the apartments?

  • We are traveling with children. Can you provide a stroller, high chair and/or other specific needs?

  • Will I need to pack my own hairdryer and/or clothing iron and will these work in Italy?

  • Are your rental apartments centrally located and/ or close to public transportation?

  • Are the neighborhoods around my apartment safe?

  • Are all apartments strictly tourist apartments or is it possible to obtain long term contracts?

  • What can the concierge do for me?

  • Is it safe to make my payments online with Apartments Florence?

  • When doing the payment online I was asked for a Securecode. What is this?

  • Can I bring my pet?

  • What if I dont like the furniture in the apartment and want to buy a new piece?

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251 rentals in:

  • Florence (217)
  • Donnini (7)
  • Pontassieve (6)
  • World (3)
  • Borgo San Lorenzo (3)
  • Forte Dei Marmi (2)
  • Vinci (2)
  • San Martino alla Palma (2)
  • Sesto Fiorentino (1)
  • Pietrasanta (1)
  • Fiesole (1)
  • Bolgheri (1)
  • Volpaia (1)
  • Italy (1)
  • Tuoro sul Trasimeno (1)
  • Plus 2 more rentals in 2 other locations
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