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Villa Sungai Tinggi - Garden, pool and sea - Elite Havens
Villa Sungai Tinggi - Garden, pool and sea - Elite Havens
Villa Sungai Tinggi - Garden, pool and sea - Elite Havens

Elite Havens

Elite Havens Luxury Villa Rentals was established in 1998 and features a hand selected and personally inspected portfolio of more than 140 luxurious properties in Bali, Lombok, Phuket and Sri Lanka. Ranging in size from one to nine bedrooms, each well- appointed property comes with a private pool, is fully staffed and also includes a personal chef. Villa styles range from stylish traditional to chic ultra - modern, and locations are equally varied from absolute beachfront to tropical forests and terraced rice fields; from rural hillsides with stunning vistas to vibrant locations a short stroll from town. Elite Havens represents a collection of the finest villas across the Asia region, including the iconic cliff-top Istana in Bali, the designer Villa Sapi in Lombok and the historic Ambassador’s House in Sri Lanka’s Galle Fort. The portfolio of villas caters for every occasion whether it is a private and personally tailored family vacation, a unique and memorable celebration, or simply a retreat from the world to relax with friends. Combined with a guaranteed secure booking process and unequalled on the ground customer service Elite Havens Luxury Rentals ensures guests enjoy the perfect holiday experience. See www.elitehavens.com to view the complete collection.

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