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We are passionate about our villas in Jamaica!!! From the moment we receive your email or phone call to the end of your Jamaican villa rental vacation, we want to be there with you every step of the way.

If a client has special requests, either ordinary or extraordinary, like extra flowers in the house, additional security, helicopter rides, wedding arrangements, corporate arrangements, nannies for the kids, beach weddings, special parties, reggae bands, a tennis pro, horse back riding. You ask for it and we will endeavour to provide.

Coming from a famiy who has over 2000 hotel rooms spread over the North Coast of Jamaica, including Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, and also in Kingston, our family has been involved in the tourism and hotel industry for many years.

We hold our beloved Jamaica close to our hearts and we want people to be profoundly happy that they made Jamaica their choice of holiday destination.

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  • Sandy Bay (40)
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  • Wiltshire (22)
  • Silver Sands (21)
  • Jamaica (14)
  • Ocho Rios (9)
  • Discovery Bay (9)
  • Hope Well (7)
  • Runaway Bay (4)
  • Port Antonio (3)
  • Ironshore (2)
  • Mammee Bay (1)
  • Oracabessa (1)
  • Duncans (1)
  • Rose Hall (1)
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