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Suzanne Schulz

We purchased the Estate back in 2001. As a licensed GA Contractor, my husband loved restoring this 1870 historic home. We never intended to have the Manor or Cottage used as vacation rentals. In fact... Mike's folks lived in the Cottage while we lived in the Manor. Following the restoration, Mom and Pop moved next door to the Estate. Mike and I continued living in the Manor while I homeschooled the girls and we rented the Cottage out as a long term rental for several years. I'm also an R.N. and work part time at the local hospital. Mike worked as Asst Supervisor or Foreman for various commercial builders in town. Ironically...Mike basically built a huge chunk of what could be considered our "competition"! Eg: the Marriott, Hilton and several other hotels that are now downtown. lol. It wasn't until 2007 that we decided to start renting out the Estate (eg: the Manor and it's Carriage House). The girls, Mike and I moved out of the Manor and next door to the townhome (above their grandparents). And so....our vacation rental adventure began! I adored decorating my "former home" to create for guests a home, not just a "house". Such fun! Due to my love for animals, but dislike for animal hair...we decided to be pet friendly but...wisely left only one room carpeted within the entire Estate. Polished, original heart pine flooring covers the rest. Avoiding upholstered furnishings, heavy curtains and sticking with soft leather, wood, tile, plantation blinds and only light curtains enabled us to make the Estate pet friendly, yet hypoallergenic. (I know! It's not the oxymoron it seems it should be). Homeschooling my girls continued through High School and they then attended Savannah's local colleges...SCAD and AASU. I continue running the vacation rental while Mike handles any repair needs and such. And I still work occassionally as an RN. Our daughters graduated but continue (so far :) to live in Savannah. As for us...we love the South. We know we were blessed by our Lord to own/live in this home. And we consider ourselves blessed to be able to pass it along.


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