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Milla was born in Moscow, Russia and immigrated to USA in 1992 (together with her husband Aleksandr Nilov - Master degree in Physics).

We purchased our FL condos in September 2011 and spent a lot of efforts, time and money to renovate and redecorate both of them to be attractive to the people who want to spend their vacations in our condos.
On June 17, 2014 we closed on private 3bdr/1bthr house in south Venice, SW FL which we also plan to make vacation rental house.

Both condos and the house are very well equipped and furnished. We are selling now Englewood condo (2bdr/2bthr with 2 car garage) in beautiful coastal community on the shore of Lemon Bay (Gulf) @$120,000 as TURNKEY. We plan in a few years (when my husband will retire) to relocate and live at our Fort Myers condo.
Englewood condo was only rented during the last three winter seasons - many retired Canadians and North Americans are trying to escape cold snowy season. The other time of the year is - "slow", when families only want to travel to FL for a week. But the HOA rules of two communities (where the condos are located) prohibit very short (like for a week) rentals. Because of such strict community rules we only could "recuperate" the annual payments for the condos (maintenance, etc.), no profit at all, only a lot of investments (occasional repairs, some remodeling, etc.) We didn't suspect about the "local US-mentality" of vacationing mostly for a week at a time during summer and fall in FL.
Sometimes I think it is unfortunately that our properties are not somewhere in the south of Spain (Costa-del-Sol) or France regions, by the sea resorts. In Europe people have 1 month vacations (nobody in their "right mind" travel for vacation for less than at least 2 weeks). As I remember, even living in USSR we used to have 1 month paid vacations. It was not so-o-o bad to live there, until "perestroika" (change of the system) happened, when all structures of our society abruptly were destroyed when Soviet Union in the 90s was restructured with the help of more than 1000 American "economic advisers", who made the decision to "break" our currency (rubles) and in result all the savings of my parents and most of the population became non existent (reduced in value to a fraction of a %). But the "approved" people from the "cream" of the society could get away with all the savings intact by using their connections and transferred all their (and "others" savings) into privatizing all Russian oil, gas, electro stations, you name it - everything! So we call all these Russian billionaires-oligarchs "prihvatizatory" or "New Russians" (those persons who grabbed the state property for themselves during the 'wild bandit capitalism' of the 90s). The Russian Connection group on Linkedin (online site for professionals in ENGLISH), where I am a member, discussed those times (and "who is to blame") in "Patriotism and Depardieu" and other discussions in Russian Forum, Russian Connection, etc.. All discussions there are mostly in English.

I was participating in different discussions on Linkedin, and "Voice of Russia" and Russian radio talk show "Springtime in Moscow" (in English) recently noticed my postings and contacted me, asking to give interviews.
If you would like to read my and my husband's Aleksandr Nilov and others recent interviews to the "Voice of Russia", you can click on the link ( , ), forwarded to me by Sarah Neary (journalist for "Voice of Russia" in Moscow). This was a big project of interviewing Americans who lived in Russia for more than 10 years and Russians who lived in America for more than 10 years. They expressed interesting opinions about both countries (in comparison), the differences in their traditions, cultures and way of life.

There are many "Soviet's" expats living in SW Florida, Fort Myers area (I have a few Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian and even Bulgarian friends among them, who are helping us to manage our two vacation rental properties if the need arises).

We live in Kenosha, WI in private house not far from Lake Michigan. Our teenage sons (15 & 16.5 y.o. now) created in 2011 (our starting year) a website for our small business: WWW.RENTFLORIDA.TK. If you like our website, you can SPREAD THE WORD about boys' extraordinary abilities (they accept work orders to make websites for people or their businesses at a very low starting price of US$150). Evan made his first website at 12 y.o - WWW.PLANTSALE.TK as a tool to sell our perennial plants/flowers from our backyard in Kenosha. He advertised this website on Craigslist and we sold many plants at a low price. People came from as far as 2 hours drive from us (from Chicago area and Milwaukee area). Evan obviously has a talent of a businessmen since the young age!
Younger Daniel is talented student (with very high IQ). He went through the program for the Gifted kids while in elementary school. Once he won competition there in 5th grade by remembering 75 digits after the point in Pi number: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286... He has fantastic memory. He is training in Fencing and Basketball now. A couple of years ago he purchased computer parts through internet and assembled for himself dual core very fast computer with tremendous memory. Recently he did the same for his older brother Evan (but charged him $60 for labor - what a businessman! :)

Our boys, beside English, can speak and read Russian Language, but barely can write in Russian (we are to blame, of cause). They are very busy with school work, sports (both sons were exposed for 4 years to different activities: gymnastics, figure skating, ballet/Daniel, art painting, ceramic making, etc.).
I am full time wife and mom, drive boys to all the activities, orchestra rehearsals, housekeeper, tax preparer, communicating in the groups on Linkedin, with renters in FL, making all the contracts/Leases, finding professionals to repair something if the need arises, etc.- like "Cinderella" or "Figaro tut - Figaro tam"...

Our sons are taking lessons in piano-accordion (or sometimes in piano) from the teacher/friend who comes to us twice a week since 2006. In schools both our sons play in School Symphony Orchestras, Daniel (9th grade) takes Violin lessons and he also is a member of the School String Quartet, Evan (10th grade of Lakeview Technology Academy in Kenosha) takes Viola lessons. I'm also learning to play accordion and can play a few simple songs. We have 3 accordions at home :) Both boys already can play complicated music (including beautiful Italian and French music in minor keys...) While in 5th grade Daniel played also Clarinet and participated in Roosevelt elementary school band.

Our phone # is 262-643-5734. We speak Russian and English, also I know Esperanto language (and was teaching it some time while living in Moscow); my husband speaks in addition French (he participates in French meetup group in Kenosha once a month and he was working for 2 years in Algeria's oil institute of Boumerdes teaching physics in French to the students in his younger years) and some German, also he studied 1 year Italian while in Moscow (in 1991), plus we could understand many Eastern European languages.

I manage myself our two condos and the house from my Kenosha's home (through the network of people who immigrated from the republics of former USSR: Russians, Ukrainians, even Bulgarian - and we communicate by using Russian). When we come twice a year to Ft. Myers, we call our "international" friends and invite them for a pot-luck dinner at our spacious townhome there. We communicate remembering always our past life in the Soviet Union, non-existing country anymore...

Best Regards - Lyudmila/Milla and Aleksandr/Alex.


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