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Hola, my name is Hilary and I live with my spanish partner, Teresa.

I have lived in Sitges for 16 years, love it! Sitges is, for me, the perfect place to live, for many reasons... not only is it beautiful and on the doorstep of one of Europe's most exciting cities...Barcelona, I enjoy living here so much because of the culture of Sitges; it is family friendly, hetero friendly and gay friendly, Sitges welcomes everybody from everywhere, and for me, this is my perfect place.

I have worked in real estate for many years, I have bought, renovated, sold and rented property in both London and in Sitges. My passion is property and now I photograph it: I am an architectural and interiors photographer/videographer and I also produce property marketing visuals.

I have had the good fortune to travel a lot; my favourite places are Sth Africa, Chile, Brazil and Australia. I also spent 3 months in Thailand on PADI diving courses, have been to the States, of course, and a couple of Euro destinations...Paris, Berlin. I cant say I know Europe very well as my holidays have mostly been long haul.

Apart from our B&B in my own apartment, I have a large 4 bedroom apartment in the centre of town. It sleeps up to 9 guests, with air conditioning, pool, wifi and is very comfortable. I really enjoy offering holiday accommodation, I get to meet some great people, some of whom have become my best friends.

I look forward to meeting you in Sitges, I am always around should you need anything whilst you are here....last year, one of my guests broke his arm...rather than wait for an ambulance, we went in my car to the hospital. My goal is that my guests feel relaxed when on holidaying in another country and I am on hand to help with any problems that might arise.

Look forward to meeting you!



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