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Whether you're a first time traveler or an avid traveler, or you need to make arrangements for business travel, we'd be happy to assist you. Our vision is to serve and assist in every imaginable need be it budget accommodation to the most outrageous 5 star property requests. If you are budget conscious and would rather spend your hard earned cash for other services like food and shopping instead of accommodation, you will find budget accommodation right here. If you prefer to be pampered with unparalleled 5 star accommodation we also have it here. In todays market, outstanding service, quality and value for our clients is simply not enough alone. We must always strive for an integrated and proactive approach; we must seek new opportunities to make travel more efficient, effective and accommodating.

If you are a property owner and would like to have your holiday home professionally marketed and managed, then please contact us to find out about our highly effective marketing strategy. At Luxury Holidays we share our knowledge and enthusiasm with our clients ambitions. This is achieved through integration, flexibility and real understanding of working to mutual goals.

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October 2009

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+61 7 5641 0108

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39 rentals in:

  • Hamilton Island (18)
  • Oak Beach (5)
  • Merricks North (4)
  • Surfers Paradise (3)
  • Palm Cove (2)
  • Mandurah (1)
  • Mermaid Waters (1)
  • Gold Coast (1)
  • Saint Andrews Beach (1)
  • Niseko-cho (1)
  • Queenstown (1)
  • Port Douglas (1)
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