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Hi, I am a nature lover, a tree hugger and a bird watcher. I've travel all my life mostly backpacking with my kids, always looking for the wonders secret places that only the locals know, away from the crowds. One day I decided to leave it all and retire... and I did it in paradise! where nature is at its best and weather is spectacular... all year round. Now I'd like to offer these kind of experience to every one who is looking for a serene place, cool virgin air and waters, organically grown food, hypnotic panoramic views and charming surroundings. The green jade mountains surround our property and are filled with life and water springs, the chalets are by a river -great for fishing and for swimming,- and every chalet has a fairy tale design with all the modern comforts. In this area there are lots of activities, including the Sierra Nevada National Park is on our backyard! it has a branch of ULA's school of zoology an ornithology, it also has many animals unique to this area and some of them in danger of extinction, the park ranges can be very helpful guiding you to the best trails, the park has magnificent views and the snow caped peaks, water falls, and opportunities to play adventure sports. The Paramo has small towns where you will find many particular foods, deserts, spirits, art and hand crafts, awesome views, museums theme parks, architecture and historical sites. We are only from Merida, a great place to find the benefits of a large city with all the benefits of the small providence because people is charming and gentle, and they carry their lives with a smile and a strong sense of community.


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