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I absolutely love Bar Harbor and can't get enough of the area. As a New Jersey resident I try to come to Maine as often as I can. This year the State of Maine was added to my territory so I have been up here many more times this year than normal. During the summer I squeezed in 2 extra visits. Even though I had to stay at the local hotel because my houses were booked - I was thrilled to be here! I can never get enough. During one of my visits because I had to work I was up at 5AM and walked the shore path which I could never do during my vacation... It was one of the most relaxing sites and energized me for the day to go back to work. And at that time of the morning hardly anyone was up or moving.. I had it all to myself... As a type "A" personality hiking and biking are my favorite activities. My favorite trails are Norumbega, Canyon Brook, Precipice, Great Western Hike. Over the years I started really looping them together... One day I spend parking at Bubble Pond, then walking the carriage road to Eagle Lake where I take the Eagle Lake trail up over Connors Nubble (what a view - one of my favorite) then the North Bubble down the South Bubble to Jordan Pond trail where of course I stop at Jordan Pond house for tea and popovers... replenished I head up Pemetic and down the other side to get back to my car at Bubble Pond... As I write this around Thanksgiving time I am counting the days to Christmas, New Years when we spend our holiday in Bar Harbor.... I love to take the road up to Cadillac Mountain to the top. It's an experience that I enjoy every winter because the views are so different than the summer time.... I know when you visit you will enjoy Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park as much as I do.


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