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Since I can remember I have painted and been interested in my surroundings. My childhood memories are of the wonderful Maltese islands and very fascinated and enchanted by Malta's capital city Valletta, the shops and cafes, the churches, the panoramic views and the history of the capital. Now we reside in the UK but love to share our town house Antiqua for a real Maltese holiday accommodation. My only real qualification is my heart which is where I paint from. If its a need, a passion and in your blood you will be an artist, that's all the credibility I need. Enjoy my work, the viewers enjoyment is worth more than any acclaim. You can see some of my paintings from time to time at our charming townhouse, in Valletta or at the qawra apartment.Since my childhood I was enchanted by Malta's capital city, a city built by the Knights of St John, a city dotted with churches and St John cathedral was my favourite, the panoramic views of the great Valletta harbour, the narrow stepped streets and all the history of our capital.

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Best located to visit this world heritage city and the easiest access to visit all locations and beaches in Malta by bus or car in no time. The main bus terminal in Malta is at the city front, just 10 minutes walk from our historic and graceful town house within the walls of Valletta.


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