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My name is Wendell Powell the current property manager at Seashore Allure. I am a native of this island and have been working in the hotel industry for approximately 25 years in various capacities. When I first saw this property it was clear to me that this hotel was unlike any other that I had worked at. I daily try to explain to inquiring guests why Seashore is worth every penny they spend to stay here but they are never more convinced than when they first walk onto the property and then into the condos themselves. They are always blown away by the magnitude of attention to details that the owner has put into this product. I for one love having the opportunity to sell a property that always stands up to what is said about it. I've worked for some good hotels, but now I work for a great one. Our concierge service does everything to make the guests experience as memorable as can be imagined; and in the end that is all that can be expected to have them continue to return again.


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St. John, USVI, Virgin Islands, U.S.

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+1 855-779-2800

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