Mirjam JUDEZ

We have 3 apartments all together: 2 in Ljubljana: one big Sun and the City Apartment Ljubljana (74 m2) for up to 7 people and smaller one Fun in the City Ap. Ljubljana for up to 5 people. Third one is the smallest - 20 m2 + 12 m2 terrace in Piran for 2 or 3 people. Apartment in Ljubljana used to be a flat where my husband Ziga has been living until he got married in year 2007. We COMPLETELY renovated the apartment and invited our guests to stay “with us” in October 2007. Apartment house Kristina in Piran was a house from my mom. It has 4 units, one she kept for herself and other 3 she gave to her 3 kids. What a lovely present indeed! :-) It is not easy to manage things from the distance (we live in Ljubljana, 1,5 hours drive away), that's why we have some help there and that's why we ask you to meet you where we live, near Ljubljana.

We run business through the eyes of the guests and we follow the fair-play in every single situation. If we can accommodate and help, we do “more” just to please our guest. Some small gestures can make a guest happy, do a huge difference and it costs us nothing. We really care about you and whish you want to have as pleasant stay as possible in one of our apartments.


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