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How did MD Resort get started? The MD Resort concept all started when my mom and I were joking around one day while we were looking for land. I said to my mom, "If we are going to spend this much money on land we are going to have to figure out how it can pay for itself." Mom said, "Donna do what you love." I responded, "Mom, I love going to our family reunions". At that moment MD Resort was put into motion.

Our family reunions (Kirkland family from my moms side) are 4-7 days long and they are like summer camp for the whole family. We have talent night, or the not so much talent night, we sing Christmas Carols in the summer, cook out over the camp fire, play games and just have good old fashioned family fun. It is totally awesome!!!

How did we come up with the name MD Resort? There are a few ways that MD Resort lines up with what we wanted. One reason is it was the initials of the last name of the founders Mueller & Davis. It also stood for Mother & Daughter. And our slogan worked as like we are a doctor giving out our prescription which is "A prescription for Fun". As that was our goal to create a place where people could escape the hassles of everyday life and just relax, have fun and enjoy!


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