Jane & Stephen - Self Catering Accommodation Belfast

Stephen & Jane - Self Catering Accommodation Belfast
Stephen & Jane - Self Catering Accommodation Belfast

Self Catering Accommodation Belfast

Welcome to Self Catering Accommodation Belfast! We aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Each of our apartments are N.Ireland Tourist Board approved and regulated.

They are each in an excellent location in the centre of the city just 10 mins walk to the main shopping centre. A local supermarket (Tesco's Express) is less than 1 mins walk.

The local area is abound with restaurants and places to socialise and enjoy your city vacation.

We want you to enjoy all the facilities we have to offer from the fully fitted kitchen to the free parking, free wifi and internet enabled PC supplied in each of them.

Stephen & Jane


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  • Do you supply a welcome pack?

  • What currency do you accept? For example, do you take Euro?

  • Can you advise on mobile phone use and cost?

  • Do I need to bring towels?

  • Can you help us with entry to Titanic Belfast WITHOUT prior booking??

  • What washing / cleaning materials do you supply?

  • Can you recommend someone who runs tours to the Giant's Causeway?

  • Can you recommend someone who runs tours around Belfast?

  • What time is check in & check out?

  • I'm flying into Belfast - how much does it cost to get to you and what is the best route?

  • Is there internet access?

  • Do you clean the apartment during our visit?

  • How far is it from a supermarket?

  • How do you cater for guests of varied faiths and religions?

  • How often are the towels and bedding changed?

  • I have a balance to pay on arrival, what payment methods do you accept?

  • Where is the nearest tourist information office?

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