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After travelling a lot, and visiting and loving many cities, i decided to return and live at my hometown, Istanbul. And it is a decision that has not dissapointed me, since Istanbul offers you an every day charm, one not difficult at all to enter into and taste. Istanbul, the city that connects east with west , europe with asia , different cultures and religions, is impressing you all the time. “She” is mysterious and surprising in every corner, in every turn,in every step. You just let your self go and She guides you to the historical sites, She tickles your smell with all those different kind of spices, She is flirting with your appetite with all those delicious kinds of food, She is charming you with the mindnumbingly beatiful view of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn , touches you and wakes your senses with the thousand turkish baths.

Additionally, there is the modern part of the city also, which never sleeps, the rythms of modern and traditional music are leading you to all night long parties, live music and dance!

During the winter “She” will welcome you white like snow with those unique colors, in the palet of grey, purple and deep blue.

During spring you will be charmed by all the smells of Istanbul, of flowers, spices,foods, famous sweets and those colorful images of Istanbul's sky.

In summer time, “She” will welcome you with all thousands of openair places, with the refreshing view of the sea...because from every point in Istanbul your eyes can reach the sea.

For Autumn Turkish people use the word “sonbahar” which means “last smell”, like the last sweet taste you have at your mouth after tasting something sweet and delicious...

Whenever you will visit Istanbul, just let your your senses, your heart and your eyes open and let me guide you at my beloved city...let me lead you in a full-round trip of the senses, to travel like locals and feel, taste and see this unique city...you are always welcome!


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