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Cocoa Beach Club
I've been coming to the Cocoa Beach Club since 1977 when my sister and brother in law purchased the unit next door to ours. We bought in 2000. The condo complex attracts repeat renters for 20+ years, makingi it a great social gathering during the various seasons, or just a place to get away from it all.

Anna Valley Farm
I purchased the farm in Louisa, VA in 2002. I spent summers as a kid working on my brother's farm in upstate New York, cutting hay and doing custom combining. Since then, I've always had a yearning to have a farm and found this one through an internet search. We went into contract a few weeks before my Mom passed, so I named the farm after her--Anna Valley Farm. Starting with 100 acres, I slowly added neighboring land parcels to it, for a total today of 220 acres.

After six years of land clearing, we now have 100 acres of hay land, with the remainder in woods. It is a peaceful, secluded place in Louisa, yet a Walmart and Lowes, as well as Sheetz and several fast food and restaurants are located only 5 mi. away. Charlottesville is also very convenient (25 min) as the farm is close to Interstate 64. So, come stay at our little piece of paradise!


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