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My name is Flavia de la Fuente. I was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. I'm a film journalist. With my husband we directed a film magazine called 'El Amante / Cine'. Also, we directed for four years the Buenos Aires International Film Festival. Now, we live at the beach, and we run together a blog called “La lectora provisoria” where we write about films, books, life, etc.

My husband and I bought this apartment in 1997. We chose this neighborhood, because it's very convenient. You are near every place you need to go in town. Also, there is a subway station two blocks away, and buses and taxis are all around. Filled with cafés, restaurants, the Alto Palermo Shopping Mall and a safe atmosphere it’s a perfect place to be. We lived there very happily until 2004. Then, we decided to move to a town at the beach and spend only one month a year in Buenos Aires, in our flat. So, we decided to rent it during the rest of the year. In this way, we can afford having two homes with everything we need, one in Buenos Aires and the other in San Clemente. To manage the apartment in BA, the person in charge is my friend Mariana Ventureira.

It's a real Buenos Aires apartment with everything you may need in your home. Comfortable, full of light, with great beds, best quality linens, cozy, full of books and CD's, original paintings by Argentine artists. The location is great: two blocks from the subway and the Alto Palermo Shopping Mall. The maid comes twice a week.


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