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We are the proud owners of a fabulous Spanish villa "Wu Wei", situated at the wonderful island of Ibiza. For the name of the villa we got our inspiration in 'Taoism', it means 'action without action'. Whilst staying in our fantastic villa, you can just enjoy and relax, but you do not have to do anything for it. The villa is an oasis of peace where you can escape the stress of daily life, to chillout with at the background an unbelievable land- and seascape with enchanting Ibiza sunsets and sunrises.

We are Recognised.
The Spanish authorities really do their uppermost to fight fraud, in the world of Tourism, and so they should. Since a few years it is illegal in the Balearic Islands to offer property for rent for a short period (1 to 3 weeks) WITHOUT the official rental licence.
We have a licence number VT-0272-E, issued by the Tourism Association of Ibiza.

This number is registered with "Tourism-Ibiza and Formentera".

FACEBOOK: facebook,com/calasanvicente
By now, one can see there is something for everyone at our rental villa on Ibiza. So it will not come as a surprise that all friends and families have enjoyed their stay at our villa and given us positive feedback. Why not join us on Facebook, where you will find pictures, but also videos of the surrounding area and popular hotspots. Those who have already spent their holidays here were unanimously pleased, as the pictures will demonstrate. So quickly join our ever-growing Facebook following, we are just 27 places from the 5000 limit.

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