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Our mother - Ana & Archil
Our mother - Ana & Archil

Ana & Archil

Hello, everybody. I am Anna. My brother Archil and me-we are going to help you with all your needs. Archil is 22 years old, He graduated from the College of Business this year, I graduated from the Art Academy last year.I paint in oil and water colors, I loves to make different Jewelry. Our father Otar is an artist and architect . If you visit art exhibition in Tbilisi, which is in the park, located on the shore of the river Mtkvari- you may meet him or you'll see his paintings. He is good at painting portraits as well as landscapes, He loves to paint old Tbilisi. Otar worked as an architect and artist in Georgian Arceological Expedition-well known all over the world for discovery first small-brained apelike creatures lived in the area at least 1.75 million years ago, making them the first proven residents of Europe and Asia, causing experts to say that history of human evolution needs to be rewritten. First humans were given Georgian names: Mzia-female and Zezva-male. The chief of expedition Mr. David Lordkipanidze is the director Georgian National Museum, located less than 10 minutes walking distance from our apartment.
We have a car- Honda HRV 4 doors, if you need to be driven any place.
We hope that you'll be happy with our service.
We Thank you.


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