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Casa San Benito and Sandra Duran welcomes you

Thanks for visiting Casa San Benito! As a business person and shopper, I travel back and forth from Brownsville to McAllen, Texas. One day as I was driving, I took notice of this very nicely located home and decided to buy it. My children and I have renovated it to receive guests in a way that shows our personal touch. We want every guest to feel right at home. We want you to make Casa San Benito your own and it is our sincere interest that upon your first visit, you will make it the place to come back to each time you are in the valley.

My children and I live in Brownsville, TX. We take pride in this home and are responsive to any of our renters needs. Since we are local, we deal with our guests directly – from key exchanges, to cleaning, to repairs, and anything in between. Casa San Benito is fully furnished and has all the amenities of home!


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