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Im an argentinian living in Barcelona for over 6 years now. This is not the first country that recieves me with open arms. I spend 9 years in Santiago de Chile also.
I always liked traveling i guess thats why i ended up 10.000 kms away from my birth place.

To me Barcelona is a perfect place, there are people from all over living here; we have grate weather; and the mediterranean sea right on our back yard.
Night life is excelent, but i must say that im not going to clubs much anymore. I guess i had too much of that ;) This days i enjoy going to bars, and meeting friends for other activities such as roller skating; playing football (or soccer as our north american brothers call it) and enjoying the diferent activities that this city has to offer.

For the last few years i have been working in the tourism industry. With apartment fro rent for tourists, and as a tour guide on scooter tours around the city. Even when this is not related with my previus studies as journalist, i really like it because allows me to be surrounded with happy people, and really make a diference on theyr holidays. Every time i travel around, i was able to find somebody ready to help me, to give me that special tip that turns your all trip into a grate experience. And now from my position i feel grateful of being able to return some of those good vibrations.

Im a very respectful and tolerant person, i believe that there is no reason to fight or get mad. We can always talk about the things that are not going the way that we intended. And there is always a solution.

Uff i think i wrote too much, ok guys i hope we will meet some day. It will be my pleasure.


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