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Norman - Julia Wylie
Norman - Julia Wylie

Julia Wylie

I am British and moved to Hong Kong with my parents as a young child and grew up there. I had always dreamed of living by the sea, and I moved to Boracay in 2005. having designed and built my dream property, Palm Breeze Villa which is beach front and has magnificent views over Bulabog Beach and the sea. Within the villa is a 1 bedroom apartment, a studio apartment and 3 Deluxe rooms for rent, as well as an apartment for myself. The Villa was featured on a Luxury Properties programme on Philippine National TV in 2006, ​​in a 6-page Lifestyle Magazine feature as the "Most Luxurious Residence in Boracay" in 2007, and has ​won several awards from​ TripAdvisor.com in the last 4 years​, recently being awarded the "Travellers Choice Award 2014" and being listed in the "Top 25 B&B's in Philippines 2014"​

I met my husband in Boracay in 2009 when he was on holiday from Canada. He also has many years of experience renting out luxury furnished apartments, and now we enjoy running Palm Breeze Villa together, as well as two other apartments in Boracay. We pride ourselves on maintaining our properties in tip top condition, and we have wonderful staff providing the highest levels of service.


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