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Cabins for You began with a spark and dream that became a reality in October of 2001. Some would say this cabin rental business really began decades earlier during the early 1900's. It was then that the owner's great-grandmother owned one of only two cabin rental businesses along the east coast. Call it generational or call it family heritage--either way, you still get what Cabins For You is today.

We are family-owned, professionally managed, and aiming to please. From your first browse on the internet to your call for information to your confirmed reservation and your arrival at the selected cabin, we are here to walk you through every step. We are never more than a phone call away.

Because we have been in every cabin on our site, we feel like we are making each trip along with our visitors. When you are happy we are happy. We personally know every kitchen, bedroom, and hot tub and have witnessed every Smoky Mountain sunset that our visitors experience.

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