Sharon, Ernie and Sandra under the Hawaiian sun - Sharon & Ernie Palamarek, Sandra Starling

Sharon & Ernie Palamarek, Sandra Starling

We are proud to present our family-owned and operated tropical vacation rentals.

Hawaii property - Kona Islander Beach Condo #216

Mexico property - Acapulco Beach Condo #2607

Together, we strive to make your stay at either of our downtown beach condos most enjoyable. Sandra has hotel management training. Her medical profession is a supervisory technician in a general hospital in Victoria. Sharon and I have traveled widely researching exotic locations for our novels. We continue traveling the world in search of adventure. We also help to care for our grandchildren. Our families live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We enjoy our tropical beach condos at every opportunity.

Our interesting guests have come from all over the world - the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Oceania including other volcanic lands and islands - Iceland for instance. We are grateful for our guests' continuing support and generosity so that we may all enjoy the full benefits and use of these beautiful properties.


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