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Annette Shimoni and Tali Aknin

Tali and Annette, daughter and mother, live Tel Aviv in their soul and invite you to be their own special guest.
You will relish the pampering apartment we have created for you, the interesting surroundings we have chosen to locate each apartment and the attention that we lavish on each of our guests.
What Enticed Us to Establish City Vacation Together
Our love and passion for Tel Aviv:
We live in Tel Aviv and we live Tel Aviv, savoring every minute of the day. We love the vivacity of the city, the never –ending content and the variety and range of people. Every minute something is happening and we delight in being right in the center of it all.
Our love of people and entertaining:
We love to give of ourselves, to pay attention to each individual guest and to every detail and most important to see our guests happy and satisfied. That’s when we know we have achieved our goal.
Our love of designing and creating homes:
We have the ability to take an empty space and turn it into a pleasant and comfortable living space which feels like home for all our guests, whether they are on vacation or business, whether they are alone or with friends or family.
The optimal co-operation between us will give you a memorable and authentic experience in Tel Aviv at the highest, possible level of service.
Our maintenance staff have been carefully chosen by us to provide the best and fastest solution to any needs that may arise from issues in the apartment to any questions about Tel Aviv.

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