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Latitude 8 Vacation Rentals was established to provide a means of locating and reserving vacation rentals in Scottsdale, AZ. Our management team is very picky when it comes to choosing properties to add to our inventory for marketing. We only accept top quality furnished vacation rentals. Our definition of "top quality" is, "any property that is located in an upscale and safe neighborhood, with all clean furnishings in great condition and with ALL the amenities of home". We do not rent out homes that the owners live in but rather design and assemble each property with the vacation rental guest in the front of our mind. is the safest and easiest way to research, choose and reserve a vacation rental online or by phone. Latitude 8 Vacation Rentals has many years working in the vacation rental industry and we treat ALL of our guests as family. We require ALL of our property owners and managers to provide the absolute best service in the industry.

Our website truly provides a one stop shop for covering your travel needs from vacation rentals, car rentals, full travel services including flights, and concierge services. With our detailed listings containing great photos, property information, and live quotes you can book your vacation with confidence that you are dealing with a professional company.

The goal of Latitude 8 Vacation Rentals is to build a top-notch client base for return travel, receive referrals from past guests, and to expand our inventory in each location and in new locations throughout the world. To achieve this we will provide consistent, professional and friendly service to our current and future guests.

From the entire staff of Latitude 8 Vacation Rentals we thank you for you business and look forward to serving your travel needs now and in the future.

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